Mission Statement

The Paragon Journal was created to equip young authors with the skills that they need to become better writers.

The Paragon Journal is dedicated to fine-tuning the skills of young adults to allow them to become more competitive in the world of publishing.

The Paragon Journal is also a place to showcase the writing of established writers along side the work of newly published authors.

The Paragon Journal is committed to publishing the highest quality of work that is submitted to us, and never falter from this statement.

Simultaneous Submissions

We love the fact that you are so eager to get a certain piece published and we have all done it ourselves. So yes we do accept simultaneous submissions, and we just want to be informed if your piece is accepted somewhere else.

Timely Fashion

We promise that we will try and get back to you in a quick manner, but if we take sometime we are sorry. We do read over a hundred submissions per issue, and hope that you understand that we are trying. If you are worried about your submission please email our editor-in-chief at ashay@theparagonjournal.com.