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Submission Guidelines:

We are looking for fiction that is believable, concrete, and detail orientated. All submissions should be sent to nabureview [at] gmail [dot] com. 

We want to read these stories blind, so don’t put your name on the work itself or in the file name. You may send up to three pieces at a time, and each piece should not exceed 3,000 words. We’re not going to reject your story if it has an error or two in it, but do your best to proofread your piece before sending. Please make sure that you read your work out loud. We might get tired of reading and that would be a shame to everyone.If you’re sending multiple pieces, that’s fine. Please clearly indicate each story in a single file, and create a title in the body of your email using the following format: Title A/Title B/Title C.

​If your submission email does not include a cover letter in the body we will delete it. Please include a short bio, and any important information that we will need to know. 

Publication Details:

Issues will be published quarterly online.

By accepting publication, you grant The Nabu Review one-time electronic rights. The rights revert back to the author after the piece is published, and you are welcome to publish it elsewhere.

Also, you give us the right to publish the work on our website, and in the archives.

Nabu     Founded: August 30th, 2017     Philadelphia, PA     nabureview@gmail.com