We get our name from two very different sources. Magnolia comes from the title of Regina Taylor's play while Vine comes from an image from Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

        According to Steven Oxman at Variety, "Regina Taylor's adaptation of "The Cherry Orchard" is one freighted play, weighed down both with the self-imposed anxiety of Chekhovian influence and a desire to depict the convoluted depth of America's ever-evolving racial history within a particular social moment." And if you would like to know more about Regina Taylor's play please check out Oxman's article here.

      The vine leaves is mentioned by Hedda six times in the play. The symbol comes from Greek mythology, in which God Dionysus is a happily drunk man wearing a wreath of vine leaves on his head. His life is all about seeking pleasure. Hedda herself is Dionysian: ecstatic, orgiastic, irrational, frenzied and undisciplined. 

       Ultimately, we wanted to take two powerful women and give them a spot in our conversation.