April 9, 2018

“You’re wearing a thong”

one said,

“I can tell

by the feel of your ass

through your jeans.”

Little smirk,

“magic fingers” he said

with a wiggle.

Couldn’t quite

pull my rabbit. Told me

I’m difficult.

I’d never realized

magicians could unionized.

April 8, 2018

felt like taking off gloves

and fingernails,

lock of my hair left on your roof.

Our skeletons cannot

move without muscle

and my frame fell

into you,

broken glass tongue,

harassment behind tooth cages.

Bird freeing singing

and those noises you make me

make; me a fragile vase,

not y...

April 7, 2018

You, my child, are

by all accounts happy.

Your parents paid a pretty penny

for my half of you.

Not my half anymore.

Bought and sold.

My DNA, no longer mine,


I never carried you.

Haven’t touched you

since you were twenty-three


Psychological screenings.

They needed...

April 6, 2018

Red-orange reminiscent of suntans

and summer songs, melting creamsicles.

It’s a sweet scent,

shaped like crackling bugles,

sounds like hummingbird wings.

Noxious weed,

climbing for sunlight high

as it goes. Invasive roots don’t know

the sunlight they’re searching for.


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