October 4, 2018

     Holy crap, that guy's an idiot!

    Dumber than a box of hammers!

Blurts ventromedial frontal lobe

Nucleus accumbens grunts approval

Anterior insular cortex quickly intervenes

     Honestly, he's a nice guy and means well

    Give him a break...

October 2, 2018

It’s difficult not to focus

On the void


And complicating things

Is the common misunderstanding

That we are bound to the glass at hand

It might help

To consider that things

Are infinitely better at half

Having begun at empty

Or that

Even having started at full

Half is stil...

March 7, 2018

every action has an effect

every effect, a cause

there is a why for everything

but then...

is why the same as cause?

is there a reason

wherever there is a cause?

does reason

lose its validity

when emotions run hot or high?

when people are

foolish or

insane or

stupid or

in love?

who c...

March 6, 2018

I felt cheated when you got in the car

all the pleasantries and mandatory talk

got in the way

what I wanted to say had to wait

and oh god the traffic

but at least one genuine thing

came out of it

when i played that song i like

and you liked it too

or at least you said you did


March 5, 2018

the worst thing you can do

is to search for happiness

you won't ever find it that way

when you think you have

you find out later

it's something else

an imposter

all dressed up

pretty and posing

it will avoid the light

but eventually you will see

sick and decay revealed

beneath an...

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