March 4, 2018

It does no good to look for what you want to see.

I know. I do it, too, and too often, and too often

I’m looking straight through

time again — and again I’m lost.

This is the story:

I’m sitting alone at the bar

at Charlie Mann’s All-Pro Grill at an airport

in Washington, DC.


March 3, 2018


My father, he’s telling me

the nurses are trying to kill him,

with poison.

We’re in his hospital in Cooperstown

in a small room overlooking the swift,

clear beginnings of the Susquehanna.

After a coughing fit, his eyes

search the room until he finds mine,

tell me in a drowni...

March 2, 2018

Direction — an ache in the bones,

the want of a hand on a loved one’s hip.

Night. The lingering hieroglyphics

of snuffed out candles.

The coal-glow of a spent wood fire.

The last gust-creaks of structure —

the passing storm’s sotto voce grace notes

played to stinging perfecti...

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