January 26, 2018

Quick to his haunches he crouches low –rear up

jerks to and fro anxiously panting ready to dive in.

The sun beats down reflecting

back in sharp shards

from the deep dark muddy river.

Tracing bank edge with his nose

he backrolls into the crusty mud

sloughing off his city coat.


January 25, 2018


Into fragile eggshells

I see this other self

looking out from here.

It doesn’t fit me

-my arms don’t fit the sleeves.

starting strong

The stumbling

turns to crumbling

as I try to slide over the bump

but end up at a cold standstill.

I come face to face

with myself failing


January 24, 2018

He rakes the sand

with thick wooden rake

wearing sweat stained clothes

and sandpapered jackets

that defy the sun.

His dark eyes disappear

unnoticed under the shadow of hat.

No smile but always “hola”

while tourists move in their

self-absorbed bubbles

Hours slide like the slow


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