March 29, 2018

Hand print_sometime between time finding in time

no companionship beside that sudden unpredictable

minstrel; watching people walking gently insidevision like the ebb and flow of

some far tide and pigeons fall out of the sky patchworked on it

instead of fallingleaves.

The ci...

March 28, 2018

He did look a bit like a council worker, that large 4WD, full-gloss and white,

intent in expression there in the driver’s seat, clipboard an imagined accessory.

I’d scoped him already, sitting, as I pulled into a squash of spilled potting mix

strewn in the muddy clay bene...

March 27, 2018

Age eleven I sang opera like a pro,  

fifteen, I learned guitar, a la Joan Baez, and painted abstracts, 

loved that boy from highschool. 

Eighteen I quit antibiotics –

at the kitchen table, holding my head, what could fix my chronic sinusitis?

knowing somehow, there’d...

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