July 16, 2017

(After Ted Hughes’ Hawk Roosting)

From buds of sycamore I shall unfurl,

as drip by drip with words insinuate

my waxy sap, ink wet. I seek to curl

about your nerves with words; articulate

the unctious waves, retorts so worldly-wise

with wit. Recount each phrase of the absurd


July 15, 2017

(for Julie)

It's not the kind of wall to stop you or your kin

from crossing to the other side.

It is the kind of wall that will halt you in your

tracks, because of the art of diplomacy.

Take a pair of woman's hands: fine, long fingered,

bones brittle but supple in deftness a...

July 13, 2017

Each question is a broken

pair of handcuffs,

each answer a kind of escape.

She duct-taped several rubies

to her belly.

They detained her for smuggling,

but the rubies were hers

and had the duct tape

been some sort of cellophane,

the fashion statement would have worked.

There mus...

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