Holding It All Together

April 20, 2016

Hey guys, have you guys ever thought of a dream job, house, or life style. Well you can achieve anything as long as you set your mind to it. I am going to talk about some ting that I am so passionate about and how I am achieving these things daily. I have always had a passion to serve and motivate others and I have had the ability to do this trough a national organization called “The National FFA”. I have been in FFA for about 5 solid years now and started when I was in the seventh grade. I was a typical seventh grader hated talking front of groups, presenting, and was for sure in that awkward stage all of us go through. Well not only did FFA help me break out of that shell but it also helped me find who I truly was. All FFA members are unique coming from all aspects of the world. We may have different religion, race, and even believes but we are united by our passion to serve out friends and community and our interest in agriculture education and the Agriculture industry as a whole. I was nominated to run for a chapter officer and had the ability to serve for two consecutive years as a Historian and a Sentinel. Many don’t realize that serving for a year is a huge commitment and is a life changing experience for me at least. It was the first time I got my first office as a sophomore in high school and it was awesome. When people needed some help with anything ag related or not they came to me. Not only was I giving people advice, helping church groups, and even giving presentation in front of the School board meetings but even at community meetings. Let me start my saying it was no easy transformation it took many hard hours of blood sweat and tears all the way to having to pull an all-nighter just so you don’t miss the bus leaving at 2 am. This experience has helped me be who I am today and know I, Colton Monahan can do anything I desire as long I desire it full heartedly. This has helped me in the decision making for my future career. Do I go work towards my Doctorate, Business owner, or a personal trainer and nutritionist? Life throws us all these questions so fast but it is our task to manage them and pursue something we love. I have stayed motivated by this song Just Be Held by Casting Crowns “Hold it all together everybody needs your strong, but when life hits you out of nowhere and barley keeps you holding on, when you are tired of fighting chained by your control. There is freedom in surrender lay it down and let it go…“ God is going to be there look upon him, give him you issue, as he never forsakes you for he always will love you.

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