Dear Pat Toomey

February 8, 2017

February 7, 2017


Dear Pat Toomey,


            You might notice that I have forgotten to address you as a United States Senator formally, and that is done with purpose. When you blatantly ignore your constituents and vote yes on Betsy DeVos, you no longer have my support, but it just isn’t my support you have lost. In the next six years, as you sit in your throne continually gaining profit from the DeVos family, the younger generation will see that you do not have us in mind and we will not vote for your reelection. Do you remember how close it was again Katie McGinty?

            Your power doesn’t scare me, and as we continue to combat the current President of the United States against wrong decisions, we will make sure to show the public that you are a fraud as well. You have placed the education of millions across this Commonwealth and the country in the hands of someone who has no experience in education and never attended a public school. Your vote tells me that your support taking funds from public schools to help for-profit religious and private schools. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. Every student has the right to a free K through 12 education, and you are slowly taking that away.

            How does it feel to know that the people who supported you now consider you a spineless twerp? You have officially made the wrong decision in this confirmation. I urge you to make a motion to rescind your vote and bring this matter back to the Senate floor. Did you think it was a good idea just because the Democrats were against her? Did you even think? Did you even listen to the phone calls and the emails?

            In your reply email to me after telling you not to vote “yes,” you stated “Mrs. DeVos understands the necessity of a high-quality education for all Americans,” but how can she value a “high quality of education” when she doesn’t know that difference between proficiency and growth. And to finish, it offers you have stated that you believe she will make a great Secretary of Education. Do you want that to be on your conscience forever?

            United States Senator Robert P. Casey has listened to the people of the Commonwealth and voted no. He had already planned on voting no before the incoming flood of emails and phone calls. Unlike you, Casey cares about the people.


                                                                                I Hope You Are Happy,

                                                                                  Austin Shay


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