My Child Will Be Allowed to Be Whatever They Like

March 11, 2017

“This is not how God created us to be,” is the tagline of an article titled “My Child Will Not Be Allowed To Be Transgender” written by Moriah Dufrin earlier this week. I am not usually the kind of person that writes rebuttals against other writers, but I found that this article started to present itself as reasonable and did not give any reasonable reinforcement to her claims.


Before the article begins, we are faced with a disclaimer that acknowledges that this article will be incredibly offensive to some, and even to the people that she calls friends. “However, this article is in NO way saying that [she] hates transgender/homosexual people. [She] loves and respects them as humans (and friends!), [she] just simply doesn’t support their decision.” I just want to start by saying that I support her right to give her opinion, but as an American myself I also have the right to refute her statement.


As a gay male living in American today, I am faced with the question of when I am going to have kids and settle down. I cannot wait to be a parent someday. I ultimately look forward to raising a child, show them compassion, and teach them how to make the world they live in a better place. I want to be the one that educates them about their options as they grow older, and push them to be the best that they can be. And just as Dufrin stated in her article, “I want to be the one who makes sure they stay on the right path in life.”


The previous statement was one of the last reasonable one. The following statement starts by stating, “my child will not be allowed to express themselves as transgender.” She even goes further to state that if they live under her roof, they will accept and love the biological sex that God ordained for them. That statement is cool.


I totally respect her religious views but her rational is far from factual, and quietly frankly it only reinforces gender stereotypes in our global society. She stated “my boys will respect women, embrace their strength as a young man, and understand the importance of being a leader. My girls will be capable of supporting themselves, but they will also know how to exemplify honesty, grace, and dignity.” I agree that boys should treat women with respect, but I also think that girls should treat women with respect. I also understand the importance of being a leader, but I had the opportunity to serve a leader during my time as a State FFA Officer. But I can confidently say that my team as seven was only as strong as the four females that I served with. Another point that I agree with is that women should be able to take care of themselves. That is a key point of feminism, and if I ever have a daughter, I want her to be a strong, independent, and caring woman. But her last point about how her daughters should be honest, graceful, and dignified is nice, but I would prefer if my sons were the same.


I still agree with her statements to a degree at this point, but she has lost all respect from me with her next statement. She has said that “in [her] opinion, transgender humans are suffering from a mental illness, in a similar fashion to those fighting sicknesses such as anorexia and depression. If [her] child ever begins to show symptoms of this, [she would’ help them pursue treatment. They will meet with therapists, counselors, and physicians. They will be prayed for night and day.” She blames that lack of seriousness of this psychological battle on a callous society and the fact that parents have gotten comfortable allowing their children to be whoever or whatever they want to be.


After reading her final few paragraphs that reinforce her previous statements, I can see that this is more of a rant than it is a piece about her religious views. She begins to sarcastically list scenarios that challenge her belief with the comical phrase “it’s fine” afterward. She redefines this point when she says that she “cannot accept a psychological illness as a ‘normal’ part of this world,” and that “there is nothing normal about being transgender because human design wasn’t intended to be this way.”


In conclusion to my rant, I would like to make one more point about her statement that it is not fine to “sue someone and ruin their life because they won’t make a wedding cake for you and your homosexual partner.” Ms. Dufrin the previous point is against same-sex marriage, not transgendered rights. I would like to end my article by saying thank you for being so open about a quite controversial topic, and I am glad that I had the chance to tell you how I feel about the subject.


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