April 28, 2017

PSH School of Humanities- Masters Project Presentation

April 24, 2017

A Theatrical Review


“Exciting, Surprising, Satirical, Wild, Insightful, Inspirational… Martian!”


Truly a perceptive window into Humanities in Theatre medium, sparking ontological upsurge in the audience’s hearts. The author, Humanities Graduate Student, Sarah Pavlick is completing her Master of Arts degree, and on Monday, we were privileged to participate in a staged, table read of her final creative project!


Utilizing smooth, light humor, Sarah transforms the spirit and soul of her characters through their individual journey navigating the ‘show-inside-the-show.” Her story covers LGBTQ+ rights and issues through the featured female couple. Following Shakespeare’s night-time tradition, there is a mild, yet moving rape scene! Depth of meaning is gained through the author’s intuiting of a Dream sequence in the play! Characters are strongly developed to the point where audience members begin to relate to Jake and Mia, while absolutely LOVING Sarah’s ‘wise-old-sage,’ Mr. Jefferson (played by PSH’s own Dr. Glen A. Mazis)! On the contrary, we grew to despise roles like Julian the rapier or Tanner, the token bully.


All in all a beautifully written theatrical quest, created by PSH School of Humanities own Graduate student and performed live by a large group of volunteer, student actors. Ms. Pavlick’s tenaciously tremendous work was very much noticed and incredibly interpreted and enjoyed by all in attendance. This playwright indubitably reminds our consciousnesses of extremely important themes including Pseudo-masculinity, Phenomenology, Humanity, and Human Rights! The Paragon Journal looks forward to Sarah’s production performed formally onstage, permitting us as the audience to enjoy, “A Night WITH A Star.” WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!  ----Joshua Gerst, The Martian Chronicle

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