Warrior of Heaven

July 19, 2017

go ahead

paint the false narrative

you always do

in the picture of your mind

somehow i'm the villain

even though i was the one you slaughtered

you'll leave details out

insist that you tried to save me

from myself,

and i don't want to live in your lie;

so i don't delude myself

don't see myself as the monster anymore

as you wanted me to—

smashed the glass of your nightmares

it cut and burned like hell

when i had to rise from chaos and fashion

chaos as compliment but i did,

and have become immortal as the phoenix

with flames that will never die;

some people bring out the best and others the worst

you were just the wolf that turned on any heart

foolish enough to love him—

many moons ago you forgot your humanity,

but i'll remind you of it when i take your nightmares

fashioning them into a weapon that destroys you

in heaven's light.


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