Always, I Remember

July 20, 2017

this song

chokes me up

every time

in not only it's beauty,

but because i always think

of you;

how i loved you

yet i was never brave enough

to face myself and my feelings or tell you

because i had always been taught

it was wrong to love a


i cared more about my pride

than i did you,

and so in my pain and confusion

i lashed out;

you said it was okay but i don't think

my apology did anything for you

nor do i think you truly forgave

when my anger burned

i drove away the very person i never wanted

to lose as a friend—

your happiness mattered to me

even if i weren't a part of that equation,

and i'm sorry that i hurt you

not a day goes by where i don't miss you;

i always think of you

sometimes i still dream of you and i wonder

will we ever walk in the same circle again or will you

shun me for eternity?


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