The Adroit Journal

August 8, 2017

I wrote previously about how I love collecting rejection letters. Some of my favorites came from an online literary magazine called The Adroit Journal. Now that’s not to say that this journal sends out particularly unique rejection letters. In fact, theirs are pretty standard as far as rejection letters go. It’s just that I happen to really love The Adroit Journal, so every time my writing doesn’t make it in gets taken as a challenge to write, write more, write better.

On their website, The Adroit Journal asks its readers to send in “writing that lives just between the land and the sky.” The editors there are looking for forward thinking pieces, and I find that I can only describe what they publish as “stuff that sings.” There’s a strangeness to this magazine that’s almost musical. Oh, and something else about The Adroit Journal: they publish young writers. The phrase young writers, in this case, refers to high school and college students, and although that age demographic isn’t the only one represented in the virtual pages of this magazine, young people do make up a nice chunk of The Adroit Journal’s authors. That’s because The Adroit Journal publishes exceptional work regardless of an author’s status in the literary world, which is one of the things that I love about it. The readers and editors there let writing speak for itself, something we also strive to do here at The Paragon Journal. Of course, The Adroit Journal has its own aesthetic and we have ours, but it warms my heart to see both of these magazines opening doors for young and emerging writers.

To potential readers, I can’t recommend this journal highly enough. And to potential writers, as with any literary magazine, I’d always recommend perusing a few issues before submitting. That will help you decide which of your pieces might be a good fit with the publication in question. And remember, if rejections strikes, don’t be discouraged. Everyone gets rejected, and the fact that your work won’t be appearing in the next issue of The Adroit Journal, or The Paragon Journal, or some other magazine doesn’t mean that your writing wasn’t worth reading. (As an aside: another good thing about The Adroit Journal is that responses tend to arrive promptly, so you may know whether or not you’re getting published within a relatively short timespan.)

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