Lying Literature

August 14, 2017

Ideal body image issues

spread across the genders,

societal pressures and media

that force us to surrender.


Magazines that teach disease

through means of airbrushed models,

deserve to be burned, buried or shredded

or pulped like unsold novels.


Articles not based on fact,

just baseless pseudo-science,

perpetuated endlessly

by readership compliance.


Six week abs, sixteen inch biceps,

shortcuts advertised,

few are immune to the mistruths

and see right through the lies.


Free samples of a protein bar

that'll build you overnight.

Powders filled with magic dust,

to feed the acolytes.


Eat and lift, no other way,

make your home your gym.

Post photographs on Instagram

with sweat dripping from your skin.


Crush that male body image,

those who subscribe from their own volition,

told they're not men by any means,

they weigh less than a bumper edition.


Progress is fruitless

when aspirations are unrealistic,

and the only goal is to lead a life

so dull and narcissistic.


Ignore the advertisements,

self-centred interviews,

worship the mind and not the mirror

and live the life you choose.


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