August 16, 2017

Endless rants on every subject,

rant at those expressing interests.

Shout until your throat is raw,

shout as if its common law. 


Tiresome rants, choosing to be furious,

the motive of which I'll forever be curious.

It swallows energy

to be so heated,

Question Time answers

reworded or repeated.

Being so conceited, informed about the globe,

the louder you shout, the more you know,

bleat and Tweet til opponents retreat,

drain their will, retain your throne.


What does it matter as long as you win?

But your contrarian ways are growing thin.

Fuelling fires that can never be extinguished,

although we admire an exquisite grasp of English

that counts for nothing if its inconsequential,

an appetite for change but zero potential.


By all means rant to make a difference,

but if its futile, keep your distance.

There's nothing to be gained from blind persistence,

fighting your corner in any given instance.


So shorten your words

if you want to be heeded,

put opinions to action

to make the change that's needed.


Stop using tragedies to boost your own status,

rant about the fate that surely awaits us.

Rant about justice as if you're qualified,

intangible systems

you're dissatisfied.


Those who really help are the quietest of all,

no catchphrase, pose or pedestal.


If you're doing nothing deeper

than rehearsing a voice,

you are ranting for no reason,

you are angry by choice. 


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