Plenty of Space

September 4, 2017

I built a cabin on Mars –

a nice little one out of red

boulders, beside a steep cañon.

I like how the wind

whispers on afternoons

over the sand.


I did a fly-by around the sun

once – a day trip from my cabin.

It was pretty hot, but the views!

Spectacular, I’m telling you.


I’ve got a cousin who lives on

one of Neptune’s moons.

Triton? Nereid? Halimede?

I can’t remember which.

We don’t write much anymore

since the asteroid disaster.


I’m planning an extended

vacation exploring Saturn’s

rings, though I hear that’s

a bit of a bumpy ride.


And retirement? I’m thinking

outside the solar system,

to be honest – something

far away, light years, even.

I’ll send you my address when

I find the perfect spot.


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