“Why Can’t You Be Like Everyone Else?”

September 9, 2017

[question asked by Cliff Isaacs]        



I’ve tried. I’ve watched

The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones,

read Emma Cline’s The Girls

in hardback, but I hear music on the radio &

think it was better in the 90s & the 80s &

all the times before—odd,

because I never felt at home

in those years any more than these.


I’m like an oak that burns off

half its leaves at the first cool breeze

before August has released its heat.


I come to trends too fast & look foolish,

slow & seem absurd,

anachronistic in my awkward time.


Yesterday, I watched the postman pass &

hoped I had a letter in the box.


Tomorrow, I will talk on the phone,

play DVDs, & sing Nirvana

at the peak of my screeching reach


as though anyone can hear me,

as though anyone hears anyone

not chirping robotic voices

from the mini-ENIAC at hand.


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