Ennui Battling Entropy

September 16, 2017

 interstitial enmity ploy

remanding the incandescent 

    to a storied somnolence 



                    iridescent alphabets


         non sequitur 

         beats the towel fire

         at burning irrelevance


              an offbeat snare

                   wherever encased

                        a castaway heading


     breathes a crude embryo tonic



                     a muted fabric 

                                             in ellipse

      a              determination      on

 course            to discover     the dot


       the nautical detection mantra


eluding the haunted vesicle statement

shaking the screams enlarging duress


          in the cloying vacuum

          left for the breathing seat 

          to peel 

                      tantric doldrums


                           from the matter pledge


              before the anemic onslaught

              renders all thoughts endemic 


                  and turns desire

                       a so-called fabric

                            of iconic threads


               into a headlong hurling grove

               where lanterns can repudiate

               tonics whisper a sorry decree


     before the filter legend 

     can reduce the venture’s storied bile


                       to a truth tablet

                       grilled on the curb as a slow fillet


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