A Story Fades

September 21, 2017

This is how a story fades-

Into unmade phone calls

and forgotten days 

Visits updated hourly 


Fortnightly pencilled 

tapered off 

-A medicine, tonic that time forgot 

This is how an ending begins-

With ink blots 

marring the parchment- 

An otherwise unblemished record

of our days, together

Untethered with a jerk

-This chain, rusting can no longer hold it

Once glowing embers

flicker, grow cold 

A fire we sat in front of 

that warmed, made us a cocoon

Once a bind, it made others separate 

Inclusion by our whims

excludes you now 

For this is how 

your mark is erased

You are an- other now. 

We run past 

(Uncaring of the daisies

wilting at your bed side)

to destinations 

'Not wheel chair accessible'

The excuses grow 

Lengthen night then day 

So, it's true then?

Life isn't extinguished 

in a bang or sparks or even flame?

It sputters 

then judders

Kafkaesque, untrammelled, your metamorphosis 

creates shadows that lengthen- 

Imperceptible tentacles of 

gloom and distaste grow 

Then shrivelling, it comes to a standstill

-Just a brown spot 

where grass once lay 


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