An Old Dog’s Lament

October 6, 2017

When you left me at the park bench,

I could not see you walk away,

But I knew you were gone

When you no longer spoke to me,

And your scent faded.


I waited all night in the rain,

Refusing sleep so I would not miss your return,

My matted fur and dry mouth

Greeted the sun of that first new day,

My first day without you.



My eyes had failed me the previous year,

And somehow I had failed you,

Although I do not understand how.

Should I ever smell you again,

I will come to you,

And lick your hand,

And ask your forgiveness,

For whatever was lacking in me.



Now I am elsewhere,

Being cared for by another,

I am one of the lucky ones in that regard.

There's new smells in the air,

But always I am searching

For that one ,which to me, is most familiar

And brings the happiest memories.


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