October 8, 2017

The land of Cowboys and cattlemen,

The land of bankers and Baptists,

The land of bless your heart and there you go:



They say it's the city where JFK was killed, a friend

once told me at NorthPark Mall that her father knew

Jack Ruby back then.

They say it's the land of mortgaged extravagance: Yes, there

you go, I have seen lavish hotels built upon

former ranches.

And they say to me Dallas town itself is quite small: My reply

is there you go, for there are suburbs both rich and poor

that surround it.

And there is both bitter hunger and keen gluttony;

poverty and great wealth, and I match their snide remarks

and say to them:

This is also the town of my youth, the place where the Crossroads

Club and the Dairy Queen gave me solace and refuge.

It's the town of my latter years where my father died, and later

still, those whom I had once been close to fell away from me,

sadly, so there you go. 


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