October 10, 2017

A shabby town feigning glamour,

A vapor amid the clamor,

Distractions from sidewise contours

masking that unwholesome smell.


Lurking snake oil salesmen

with unctuous undertaker bent,

switch dark lights to bursting flash, then

ensnare you within the carousel.


Lolita dolls posed on the street,

exteriors seem so sweet

but within, cold hearts that seldom beat,

features masked with colors.


Genial contempt disguised,

smiles that never touch their eyes,

hardset, merciless mouths plied

to take another dollar.


Blazing buildings so compact,

the wrapping maze that so attracts,

leads to where the minotaur’s kept,

purposeful deceit.


Beware the bright yellow brick road,

false idols dot it, we’ve been told,

hidden deep cracks suck your soul

and feed this town’s conceit.


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