Meditation on Street Corner

November 22, 2017

do i have someone

to dedicate this poem to.


i am going on



silly little      i

caught in the back of bus,


tripping through dandelion fields

ovaries and paralegals and discovering


my dictionary is shit

and i'll need to buy a new one.


but i'm good at that because you taught me

osmosis and calculus.


you taught me so well i had to call you

out on it and build a million straw castles for you


to break down

and hold me


                                            as i held you.


the source code piles high

with the marijuana and sleep apnea


and the flip charts to demonize and castrate

a million villains. we were graceful patriarchy.


we were shimmering algorithms and orange juice

flowed into our eyes. there was no reason to look back.


but your seed is sapling. your prayers are manifest.

your heart is under threat of investigation.


i love you. don't you

know it's fatal


to sometimes

say this out loud.


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