The Killer Speaks (A Poem for Son of Sam)

November 30, 2017

I think people are really

shook up;

People won’t come out at night.

The girl was covered in blood.

“Oh my god, we’ve been shot,

we’ve been shot.”


A lot of people died from

the same gun.

It’s scary.

It’s frightening.

“When you’re walking,

people just look over their shoulder.”


Police say they are nowhere near

solving the case.

The Son of Sam wrote about a dog;

it gave him orders to kill.

He was going out on 30 nights a month

looking for someone to kill.


He terrified the city.

He says that people will never understand,

no matter how much he tries

to explain it.

“They wouldn’t understand that,

what it was to walk in darkness.”


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