January 17, 2018

                I never had to do this before so let’s just start, I guess. I sit in my room in a mermaid onesie, that was bought for a lazy Halloween costume but is now a leisure suit of mine, and with my fairy lights plugged in. What an exciting weekend for a college student. Throughout the years my parents would approve of any outing I had planned because of how often I rather stay in my room and go online. I would watch YouTube videos of funny moments of One Direction for hours on end in middle school. Now the videos I watch are a bunch of makeup artists and vloggers.


                I never was a fan of reading long books. The bigger the words the quicker I would stop reading. I liked things to be simple to read but where I wanted to challenge myself was the meaning behind the words. Poetry does that for me, you have to read poetry not literally but figuratively.


             Poetry also gave me a way to find pieces that described feelings I had that were difficult to explain. When there weren’t any poems for a certain feeling I started writing my own to explain it. Since than I have been writing poems all about specific feelings I have. Many poems of mine are very dark in a way because the emotions I feel are extreme. People don’t enjoy sharing very deep and strong feelings of theirs but for me it helps to release that pain of energy. Since this is an introduction to who I am I will end it with a poem of my own.



I like these moments.

I want them to continue

and play again.

None of us are

emotionally okay,

but for that moment

we could breathe.

So well that we laughed,


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