E Stands for Everything

January 26, 2018

            Before authors would never self-publish. The thought of self- publishing was terrifying because how will anyone find their book. The book would be too expensive to make hundreds of paper copies and put into stores. Now self-publishing is almost the smart way to get your pieces out there. Not only are authors self-publishing but they are publishing everything online. eBooks have become now the everyday norm for the majority. If we weigh the pros and cons between eBooks and paperback books both would put up a good fight. Now the winning factor is if anyone can have it or get it cheaper and sooner than that way wins and that makes eBooks the winner.

            I’m not a huge fan of eBooks, I guess I would be considered old fashion because I still buy the physical book in a book store. Now I obviously don’t buy as many books as a would online as a physical copy because online books are cheaper. That makes the books I do buy have more meaning and almost more power to me. Since I paid more to have the book in my hand in all paper I have to read it. And not only do I have to read it, but I should understand it and love it or learn how to love it.

            So, the biggest factor in today’s trends in publishing is luck. For an author to self-publish that means marketing, advertising and many more other jobs are truly left to them and their words. Authors could be amazing writers and have no one read their work or they could be amazing and have their book blow up in the sales and all the best sellers lists. With everything online books have taken a new form of existence. 

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