Raw Talent

February 2, 2018

                 Literary magazines are actually hard to come by. You don’t see them around everywhere or really talked about. Which is honestly a shame. With literary magazines it gives new small authors a chance on having their work published and released. Literary magazines change from a book with only text or a paperback with photos and texts to an all shiny photo paper book of illustrations, comics, quotes and everything else.

                  There is a new rawness to literary magazines that there wasn’t before. The pieces inside are more personal and not for everyone to understand, which makes them so much more special to the readers. The photos have also become a lot better in quality. This could be slightly thanked to everyone having a camera on their phone because not every picture is looked at as amazing. Photos in literary magazines have to almost be breath taking or jaw dropping good.

                  Illustrations have recently got into a slight them of all including a naked body or a part of it. I think it makes the illustration that more realistic and raw. The illustrator is showing a naked version of themselves to convey a certain emotion. Clothes just get almost distracting when they are drawn out.  

                  The best thing is that in literary magazines nothing is held back. Pieces can be about anything and everything good and bad. There are pieces that talk about sex, rape, suicide and being lazy. Also, literary magazines try their best to include as many different stories and pieces as they can. Having many different pieces makes the magazine more likely to be liked by a large amount of people. 

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