Open Up

February 5, 2018

                  Why write fantasy when things going on in the world are scarier and more insane than anything of your imagination? Nonfiction is common but needs to be credible. You can’t say that something is nonfiction if you tell the truth but add a little more “exciting” details. Recently the way writers have been getting known and attention is by being their true selves. They write about true events and this makes them relatable to their readers.

                  Telling the truth is also very hard. It gives the writer a lot of courage and a lot of nerves. Writers put them self out with their pieces and they allow people to say if their work is good or not. People can tell them if their stories are worth sharing or not. Telling a story of yours being as honest as you can be very opening. Sometimes when you tell a story of something you have experienced in your life it can take that skeleton out of the closet and turn it into something less scary.

                  When some people read they read to get into a world or a story or feeling and escape. Some stories that aren’t truthful almost can’t be imagined in your mind. When a true story or piece is told, everything becomes much clearer for the reader and easier to imagine.

                  Personal all the poetry I write is based off true stories, places and feelings. I write to get things off my chest and express things I have been through into words. Some moments hurt to keep in your head, so it can be easier to have it trapped on paper.  So now I’ll end this with a very truthful piece of mine.


October, 27th

The vibrations won’t stop,

you’re worried.

I’m not thinking, not feeling.

I’m wishing I’m not feeling


I wish.

I just need to vanish

from the air around, me

that currently

I can’t find.

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