The Ecstasy Of Endurance

February 14, 2018

We meet the stresses of life

With a curled tongue

Forked words

And labored breathing


In the moment

Our mind is dulled

On the strong drink of stress

The sheer agony

Of Life’s trials

Muffling our senses

And good judgment just when needed


Our surround

Dances the ballet of balancing act

Just one wrong move

And we succumb

Decrepit with age

Doomed to destruction


The pain in our teeth

Becomes an ache in our gut

Which morphs into

The sore Achilles of our heel


Our heart is elsewhere

The soul cries out for relief

And by some miracle of our determination

We survive, endure and move on


In reflection on this turbulence

We chew with a sweet savor our bold determination

That which could not be obtained

In any other way


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