February 15, 2018

                 Visual art has taken over the whole word from advertisements to museums. Art is everywhere in all different types of form. When I have to think of a visual artist that I like I think of the famous artist Banksy. Banksy is very different from other artists because they are anonymous. No one really knows who Banksy is, but when they see their art they know its done by Banksy. Also, you can’t find an art piece of Banksy’s in MOMA in NYC or some over massive art museum, you find the art on walls and sides of buildings. Banksy does art that is looked at as graffiti. Banksy spray paints or paints piece normally in England to tell an important message about the current government or world. Banksy expresses feelings that are normally talked about in private not for everyone to hear, or in this case see. The pieces are controversial and can be loved by some but hated by others.

                Not only does Banksy have pieces about politics or the way the government is working but he has many pieces that are aimed at the people and how we have changed for the worse. Banksy is like the visual art form of the show Black Mirror. Technology has become a limb to a majority of people and a lot of people have lost the way to genuinely love. Children don’t have the same childhood of playing outside with a ball or playing games with each other. Instead children are forced to stay inside go on an iPad and never know what it is like to play ball outside.

                So, to end this blog post I’m going to show an extremely real and raw side of me through one of my poems.





How are you?

Good, how about you?

Rather be dead than alive because I’m hurting physically and emotionally. I have a new band aid on from cutting myself open last night. I couldn’t stop myself from feeling everything, so I got in my car and drove. I turned the music up so loud that I couldn’t hear my own thoughts.

Okay, have a good day!

You too!

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