Your Body is a Wonderland

February 15, 2018

John Mayer may not be that cool of a guy, but he got one thing right. In the realm of visual art, the human body is a wonderland. More and more often in contemporary art, we are seeing pieces which use the body in some way – whether as part of the piece itself or as a canvas. Forms which might have been considered ‘true art’ in the past are becoming more highly regarded, including tattoos, body painting, makeup, and even nail art.

As these different art forms become more prevalent in our culture, we are seeing new talents emerge. One such talent is Manhattan-based Sarah Gaugler, owner of Snow Tattoo. Originally from the Philippines, Gaugler began her career in advertising and illustration. Formally trained as a contemporary painter and illustrator, she graduated from The University of Santo Tomas Manila with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Design and won several awards for her album cover designs, including the NU Rock Awards for Best Album Packaging Design in 2007.

In her time as an advertiser and freelance illustrator, Gaugler worked with companies such as Starbucks PH and TBWA. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the Philippines in galleries such as the Cubicle Gallery and Gallery Big, and has also been featured in Cosmopolitan and Rogue Magazine, among other publications. What she has become better known for in recent years, however, are her custom-designed line art and dot-work tattoos.

According to her company’s website, Gaugler holds the belief that “like a snowflake, no two tattoos should be exactly alike.” She illustrates and customizes each tattoo personally, and has been doing so for the past ten years. Having first opened her studio, Snow Tattoo, in Manila, Gaugler relocated to Manhattan in 2015.  She has also held “on-the-spot” tattooing sessions at various conventions, special events, and gatherings.

For more information about Sarah Gaugler and her work, be sure to check out her Instagram (@sarahgaugler) and her fine art website.

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