Call Me Daisy

February 18, 2018

                Type the word novel. Look at the first five links. On every page that comes up from those links you will find The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I think I’m allowed to say that if you haven’t heard of this book you have been 1) living under a rock 2) born in the past five years so you can’t really read yet 3) homeschooled? Ever kid ever had to read this in high school. If you didn’t I don’t know if you are lucky or not. Now when I had to read it the movie version with Leonardo DiCaprio, and with Jay-Z as pretty much the entire soundtrack, has already come out.  Which means the teacher had to make test question extremely specific or in a more philosophical lens type of way like,” What does the green light stand for?” It stands for that someone has a green light at the end of their dock. Next.

                 This novel is a different version of a love story. This super rich man, no not Mr. Grey, named Gatsby would throw these huge elaborate parties hoping that one girl he loves will see them and come over. Wait, does this sound familiar? Have you ever posted something on social media like snapchat or Instagram in the hopes one person would see it and like it? You are Gatsby, congratulations. Back to the novel. Gatsby grabs this girl’s attention; her name is Daisy. Now what is annoying is she is the stereotypical version of beauty with her blonde hair and perfectly pore less pail skin. Not only is her appearance the generic version of a woman back than but so is her intelligence. She wishes her daughter, if she has one, was stupid so she could be happy in this world. Hey Daisy, how about you wish your daughter was smart and strong, so she could make a difference in the world you live in? No, okay.

                The period of the novel was in the 1920’s and honestly my favorite thing out of the book and movie where the costumes. I love the flapper look. If it was acceptable I would dress in a short dress with fringe hanging off the whole thing so when I move the dress moves with me.

                This novel is a classic for many reasons. You can read it literally and hear one story or read it figuratively and hear a completely different story. Over all I do recommend it to those who haven’t read it before.

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