Lraen to Raed

February 25, 2018

I raed it seomwhree taht if you keep the fisrt and lsat lteter of a word and mvoe arunod the lteters in the isndie you can siltl raed it. (Fun fact: that not only was really hard to write like that but for the shorter words my computer would fix it, so I would have to retype them again. Do not try at home, it’s not worth it.) Yes, you could probably read that first line because of being able to use the letters there and move them around in your head to make a real word. But let’s be honest no one misspells words like that. Literacy in the world has decreased dramatically. No, I am not here to tell you to stop using autocorrect or stop clicking suggested and pick the word you meant, because that’s what I will continue to do. What I want to change is people understanding there is a way to text and be casual that is illiterate that you can’t use in your papers in class.


                It is quicker to type u than it is to type you, but I think everyone has the extra second to type two more letters. Also, is it bad that word doesn’t count the word u as a misspelled word. What have our generation done? Before I have an existential crisis on how the internet is condoning the lack of intelligence in people let’s go back to writing.  The way people text and talk are in mainly fragmented sentences. Also, people change tenses when they talk all the time. “I’m woke.” Or “I’m shooketh.” If either of those are used in a paper. You are either writing about millennials or an idiot millennial.


                One thing I wonder is the fact that when people do text they shorten everything. Does that mean we take notes faster like we have our own version of short hand writing?

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