Sheryl St. Germain

February 26, 2018

On February 21st, Sheryl St. Germain came to Penn State Harrisburg to promote and read sections of her new book The Small Door of Your Death. This book is very dark and emotional because it expresses the feelings of a mother whose son overdosed on heroin and ultimately passing away. The room of the event was small and intimate for the audience and the author. She was introduced by a Penn State Harrisburg student that spoke all about her history as a writer and her achievements.  St. Germain started off with telling the audience that she will start with a light piece of hers that is already published because her new book is very dark and heavy. She than went into her new book and started reading pieces. She would give little insides to the pieces to enlighten the audience about the context of the pieces even more. One of the main things I noticed about this author was her honesty. She didn’t hide anything or hid behind a wall or fake persona she was herself and she was open with sharing her true and raw emotions that not only was she feeling during the time of her son’s death but even to this day. Her book comes out in March and I totally recommend to everyone to go pick it up and give it a reading. She said that there are so many books about recovery of being an addict, but she wanted to write what she was feeling. She was a recovering addict, and she now has to grieve and wanted to show people that process as well.

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