Planting Time

March 1, 2018

Birds flock, sow seeds

Seeds germinate    sprout

     seeds to seedlings

spindly   frail things


She finds herself growing in the bully field

scared of crows

owls, hawks, pigeons

hoot, scree, coo

Give her a grown-up comb.

She can’t tell clock time.

Never learned to tie school shoes.

She keeps mind open

to insects, paints in primary colors.


Owls numb numbers.

Hawks dive for the heart.

Pigeons pick peck titter tut.

No anger allowed  stutter stutter

 Tie up that tongue


 What do you think she will bear?


   Impulsive red roses

          depression blue-bells

ringing in sorrow sorrow sorrow

yellow-bellied sap

sucking dreams




passionate red      out-of-the-box

scent-drenched blue, sincere hyacinth

and tall, bright yellow flowers   face to the sun


pollen laden anthers spilling seeds


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