Blood Pact

March 31, 2018

It’s as easy as falling off the roof,

All rainbows and unicorns, charm bracelets,

Birthday candles, and sprinkle-topped cupcakes.

The blood comes with no message, amusement park style,

Full-body Tilt-A-Whirls, Scramblers, 

Hormonal Roller Coaster drops and curves,

The Fun House organs playing distorting, disorienting tricks.

The blood is the message.

No one else will tell you what to think, how it feels,

One day to be free, the next day to be bound

In a blood pact with Nature.

Mandate, not will.

No river gets to choose its own course,

It just flows.

Clouds are unintentional

Collisions of warm and cool, binary air mass.

Male blood brings reverence through intention.

The intentional is heroic.

Blood shed for causes and for thee.

Blood so clean and cleansing,

Heroism the apex of stainlessness.

History’s armies of intention and reverence.

The sides are forgotten.

Blood sacrifice is the purity.

For warriors.  For nations.  For deities.

For the future, intangible as the process of evaporation,


But, the dirty blood of women,

These bloodstains of humanity must be secreted away,

Clothed in smiles, bright music, fancy clothes,

Trapped in cotton, tossed in garbage, thrown out,

This uninvited, cursed tide,

This demoness moon blood -

The blood that was shed for you,

That you might live.


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