Green-Eyed Lady on a Train

April 2, 2018

The clouds were spinning tales across a boundless patchwork sky,

The birds were singing more or less in tune,

Our nimble souls allowed the heaviest of thoughts to fly,

As if we knew summer would end too soon,

We hardly felt the rumble of the child becoming man,

Lost as we were to the oft-recurring refrain,

But that was long before the true story really began,

The day we saw the green-eyed lady sitting on a train.


Our steps just led us blindly to the sad deserted station,

We had no mind to where the tracks might lead,

The ghosts of carefree years were shed and quickly overrun,

As we gathered in the harvest we might need,

The sky was low enough to halt the flight of restless dreams,

Determined as we were to avoid raw pain,

But then we quickly saw that nothing’s ever as it seems,

When our visions revealed the green-eyed lady sitting on a train.


The engine shunted into view, a wild and fiery dragon,

The ground trembled beneath our anxious feet,

We stood and peered into the dark that cloaked each sombre wagon,

Hoping to feel the thrust of life’s heartbeat,

Time had stopped dealing its cards as the wind withheld its breath,

Frozen like us with nothing left to gain,

But then the noise came to a halt and shimmered like a faith,

As we first glimpsed the green-eyed lady sitting on the train.


The doors creaked open with a sigh that told of lurking fears,

The steps beckoned like a promised first kiss,

We entered then with bated breath, as when desire appears,

Convinced this was a chance we couldn’t miss,

Inside the air was vaguely stale as though cocooned in rust,

The windows blocked our view with full disdain,

But then the whistle blew and caused a hurricane of dust,

Revealing to us the green-eyed lady sitting on the train.


The noise grew to a wave of sound that licked our eager souls,

The movement told us we were on the way,

We held our breath and caught the gist of our awaiting roles,

Not knowing yet the price we’d have to pay,

The landscape fled beside us as we crept towards the light,

Afraid to find the bed where hope had lain,

But as the mirage melted in the heat of that first night,

We caught the smile of the green-eyed lady sitting on the train.

The carriage started rocking as we clung to long-lost games,

The doorway framed the mystery deep inside,

And when we heard the soothing voice pronouncing our true names

We knew at once there was nowhere to hide,

The smoke had veiled all recognition beyond the outstretched hand,

The imminent dream was flushed clear down the drain,

But then we saw the evidence and began to understand

How we’d come across the green-eyed lady sitting on the train.


The thoughts were running through the air as her aura pulled us in,

We had no other choice left but to enter,

Our craving grew to bursting point, a wish that must begin,

So we caved in to the hope her beauty lent her,

Desire became the untamed storm released in a cloud-burst,

All we could do was catch the falling rain,

“Come in and I will feed you…I will quench your every thirst!”

Those first words of the green-eyed lady sitting on that train.


The atmosphere became a cloud that cloaked us like a shroud,

The velvet of her voice was simply magic,

Her piercing gaze let us believe that we might be allowed

To walk the fading paths of childhood’s tragic,

The figure was the voyage we had brashly undertaken,

The trembling flesh the goal we must attain,

That’s when we learnt all the past rules had been crudely forsaken,

As we listened to the green-eyed lady sitting on the train.


“I gave my soul to a stranger, looked like Mephistopheles,

  Not knowing his demands would prove rapacious,

  He told me in exchange I could then do just as I please,

  While my fleeting time would always appear gracious,

  I signed the deal and smiled, he handed me a sealed box,

  Thinking there was nothing more for me to retain,

  But that was long before I crashed into life’s seething paradox,

  Leaving me trapped, a green-eyed lady sitting in this train.”


 “The voyage stretched out like a dream I thought would never end,

  The passing miles became part of the ride,

  Each grasping hand was taken as a gift from a true friend,

  While I ignored those left by the wayside,

  The mystery inside the box beat like a second heart,

  Still I ached for something solid to remain,

  But all the writhing demons had no human counterpart,

  Mocking me as the green-eyed lady stuck fast inside the train.”



“The box was like a golden key to everything I needed,

  The dream remained aloof, just out of reach,

  Each empty station planted hope to which I gladly ceded,

  Discarding empty words that tried to preach,

  Temptation spread encroaching roots impossible to resist,

  I felt my will bending beneath the strain,

  But I hoped to find a Paradise somewhere beyond the mist,

  Allowing me, the green-eyed lady, to descend whole from this train.”


“The moment came one certain day to halt the manipulation,

  Before the world could close my weary eyes,

  I hurled the box onto the platform of a passing station,

  Inspiring a sad chorus of frantic cries,

  The shattered remnants oozed the truth of what lay underhand,

  Even as they tried to scream my name,

  So I was both Pandora and little Alice in Wonderland,

  The legend of the green-eyed lady stuck fast in this ghost-train…”


The silence spread between us as her story claimed our hearts,

The naked darkness hit us like a stone,

All past beliefs were shaken as when fermented childhood parts,

Informing us how much we stood alone,

The secrets from the shattered box would make us realise

Just why life’s momentum must wax and wane,

But still we shed our silent tears as we watched how first love dies,

Fading with the green-eyed lady on the disappearing train.


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