Kill Them With Kindness

April 4, 2018

In real life I’m a cynical person. I want people to suffer and I hold a grudge. Okay, that line made me sound like a psychopath. I’m not, sorta. What I’m trying to say is recently I had a lot of people do me wrong. Normally I would do extremely petty things to bother them and make them feel bad but this time I just don’t have the time or energy. I have realized that these people don’t matter and don’t deserve the time or energy I could give them. So how do I stay petty and bother them? I be nice to them when I have to interact with them but mainly I ignore them.


                The Paragon Press is working on a new anthology that is called Kill Them with Kindness. It is about what I am going through and many people have had to go through. It is taking the higher road. Being the bigger man, or lady, in a way. It’s come to a time that people don’t deserve the time and effort of being yelled at for being wrong and stupid.


                The details about what to submit for this anthology is we want your creative writing pieces. We accept poems, nonfiction, fiction, plays and visual art pieces. We want to share these voices and make them heard. Not only do we want to empower the authors, but we also want to use this anthology to empower anyone who reads it. There isn’t a specific age that everyone decides they are going to stop fighting and take the high road. It comes at any time in life and as many times as it wants.  Information can be found under the Anthologies tab on the Paragon Press website.


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