When You're A Poor House Body

April 14, 2018

My body is falling apart

Just like my 90 years old house,

Buckling under the heavy weight of clutter.

The carpet smells of cat pee

And I can say the same because I have a months old UTI.

This house, as ancient as me,

My pipes are clogged the clumps like my breasts,

Some pipes are leaking

And I smell like sewage trying to repair them.

The water heater isn't getting hot,

So I haven't taken a shower in days.

My truck needs the spark plugs replaced,

But I'm putting it off

And I haven't drove it in months.

The other car's window won't go up

And of course I can't get the window to go up

Through the wintery, rainy season!

My cat is dying from a virus,

The vet bill was 600 dollars,

So what the hell is an old woman supposed to do

When she's on one hand: reliant and dependent

While at the same time abandoned.

I try to fix all these problems myself

But I realize this house is like my body

It will crumble, or burn,

Die in the way houses do,

As I will die like all humans have before.


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