America, In A Shot Glass

April 15, 2018

We're intoxicating once you get to know us,

You can only take us in small doses.

We're a hard drink that burns as it goes down,

So strong you can't possibly have another;

But you do, anyway.

America is that addictive poison

After every long, hard day.

You wish to put at bay.

America is a hang over

Afterwards you say "Never again."

America is your redneck nightmare.

We are your secret affair.

We challenge your will power

At every happy hour.

To feel young, or to feel old,

To feel nothing or to feel something,

We're here for you in vain.

That symptomatic reckoning

And repulsive cacophony we call culture--

You rely on us for courage and submission.

We keep you up at night,

We keep you anticipating more;

And we'll tear you up inside

If you don't break from us now.

When and where vodka is cheaper than therapy,

Drunk and disorderly is America's destiny.


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