Upon Stopping by an Old Girlfriend’s House on a Snowy Evening

April 22, 2018

The house itself --  unchanged, but for trees.

So, backwards down the path of time

and frontwards down the the street itself,

past that place of star-crossed pretending.


Back to day of smooth skinned sweethearts

honing their skills through moonlight walks

and wine stoked basement rendezvous.

(Though her touch itself was an intoxicant).


 All that was needed in the moment

 were a ten dollar bill and Dad’s borrowed car

 and summer jobs or dead end jobs were fine

 enough for right now.  (Hey, it’s a job).


Then back to the present; sore back, tired eyes,

grown up kids. (Yeah, that present.)

And wondering if her life turned out just as well

while thinking one more time of  that girlish laugh.

(On a sultry night).


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