The Universe Above Us

June 10, 2018

bedazzles a bling bling of magnetism

in a cosmic parking lot’s

come and show us what you got

under the hood 

where an alien is only an alien 


because our brains 

trip under the weight 

of what we don’t understand. 

Can we understand? 

Are we interested? 


Within our Milky Way block,

a planet hosts a slime family

living in a slime suburb

working on graduating

to slime fear 

before slime division  

paints a split skull.


At dusk, slime father

panfries empathy

with a steel-edged spatula. 

Eat in cohesion

when slime daughter

spins slime neck

to face the bones 

on one slime plate. 


Abandon the questions

like an ice-encrusted bug. 

Read our nationalized newspaper

as novice eyes 

stick to a TeeVee

during the news recap 

over slime power 

clawed by all. 



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