Things That I Am

June 13, 2018

I am the editorial intern for The Paragon Journal this summer and part of the excited team creating KoAN literary magazine! As an introduction to me, I will tell you what I have known about I since day 1-


I am

100% Dominican therefore

110% a mix and jumble of ancestors from all corners of the world.

120% rebel against structure and lover of guidelines,

130% cannot help feeling for every small living being,

140% addicted to everything I do, and definitely not least

300% raised by the strongest single mother alive.


 -I will tell you what I have come to know about myself-


Shanel Lidith Ledesma is a girl that has grown in to exploring and daring the geography of the earth (as well as the meaning of words, and life, and art) and a woman who is passionate about making sense of this earth’s people through imaginary stories that may as well be real. Why? Because she lives in them 90% of her day.


Her friends and family may say she has that wrong and her perception of time and fractions is awful, but trust, they all know she was good at math at some point in her life. Other than that, when she eats, she thinks about stories, when she simply breathes and lets her memories flood her headspace, she thinks about stories, when she takes notes in class and when she talks to her three siblings about plans or about nothing too, when she travels through Japan, America, or rediscovers her homeland too, and especially when she loses reality in someone else’s scripted or noveled world, she is thinking about the characters running loose across her cerebral hemispheres.


-And perhaps a bit about my past and present-


I grew through my childhood in Brooklyn, moved to farmland Lancaster, Pennsylvania for my adolescence, then decided I missed the city and desired a new landscape, so I packed my bags for Philadelphia. Now, I attend Temple University where I mingle amongst many more poets disguised as film students with their heads ever stuck in the clouds. I concentrate in Screenwriting because I want my novelas to jump off the paper, bounce off the screen and infiltrate every amygdala. In the meantime, hopefully, I will help someone through a rough patch or advocate for a change in mindset, so society is less at war with itself.


When I am not a writer, I am a listener, color guard girl…. (still learning this part).

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