raging unicorns

June 26, 2018

some nightmares

he manufactured

others he already had


buried them in his

tongue until he could

lash me to ruin,


and when it finally

stopped raining

i slipped and fell into


a darkness

that was not mine 

nor ever meant to be;


he insists that he 

knows why my eyes

bring down a thousand rains


lists any reason

other than himself—

keeps insisting my sorrow


is my own fault

as if he inserted no chaos

of his own into my life,


and today i stand here

with apollo's light

burning away all his nightmares


because girls shouldn't have

to be trees or butterflies

some are raging unicorns goring.


the right songs

her love

will bring you

to the moon,

and back;

but there are no

heroes left

nor astronauts that

are willing to


the wild of her galaxies—

for there is no


crystal balls of nebulas

of black holes full of hunger 

nor can you call her

planets to align themselves

in any way that

resembles sense,

and her momma was always gone

the pain is so strong;

daddy never loved her much

so don't blame her

for being too wild because she never

knew any kind of intimacy

that would pierce the fierceness of her soul

only music can tame the beasts

that would swallow them whole,

but none of them have 

ever known the right songs.


offering of despair 

every pearl

that fell from her eyes

was a plea

for the help she'd never


her emotions

weighed a thousand ocean depths

pulling and tugging on her heart

awakening chaos

she didn't know one could feel

in one's bones,

but these pillars of salt;

they carry on dancing

as if she and her pain are invisible

she learns to carve all her

words inside

because to say them out loud

only garners judgment from strangers 

criticism has never been well received by her—

people oft are rude and say that they

are only trying to help

rather than offering a true, insightful critique

so she remains

laying in the offering of despair

not knowing how to find the light at the end

of her tunnel.


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