Once was a day without sunshine

June 27, 2018

Once was a day without sunshine

A blatant contradiction of sorts

I shouldn’t walk a similar path

I have reasons to avoid such irregularities

     Yesterday, I feigned kinship with disparage

     I was certainly not on my game

     Those that knew me best

     Knew me not at all

          By noon, I began a brief affair with melancholy

          I wanted to see for myself

          If envy was Kelly or Emerald Green

          The Academy did not recognize my performance

               What passed for a sunset

               As only confirmed by a clock

               Saw me gravitate toward facetiousness

               During my only commercial break of the day

                    After a brief intermission of sorts

                    My mind wanders askew to reason

                    My thoughts cut across the grain

                    Dulling, what should be, a well-honed blade

                         Penultimate to sleep

                         And without evidence admissible in court

                         I hypothesize what the morrow brings

                         And if I may be worthy of its presents


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