The Coin Spins

June 28, 2018

The coin spins

Randomly meandering across the table

Angular momentum conserved

However, after deuce, friction gains the advantage

              I view the spectacle with decreasing interest

             Topple is the word that comes to my mind

             I make associations with the now and my past

The Venn Diagrams converge frequently

Once, because of my age, not so long ago

I remember the helping hand of another

Offered without cost or consequence

Still, I questioned her intentions

             Not accepting an awkward pause or rebuke

             She extended his hand again

             This time, her eyes were the eyes of a friend

             I accepted her assistance 

I had questions I dared not ask

She had answers at the ready

No conversation ensued

At least not verbally

             Serendipity pushed past opportunity

             Carpe Diem slowly trailed the pack

             The greatest sin is a chance not taken, not pursued

             I will always have regret

The coin has long since provided entertainment

It reverts back to its sole function

Its life is best described using the word, “Only”

As is mine


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