Keeping in Mind

October 4, 2018

     Holy crap, that guy's an idiot!

    Dumber than a box of hammers!


Blurts ventromedial frontal lobe

Nucleus accumbens grunts approval


Anterior insular cortex quickly intervenes


     Honestly, he's a nice guy and means well

    Give him a break


Nucleus accumbens again grunts approval


Parietal lobe chimes in


      It is true, he is a nice person

     And he is in fact mentally challenged

    Though this is hardly worthy of a conversation


Very small grunt


Ventral medial prefrontal cortex

Who’s been listening in all along

Takes control


     Alright everyone, settle down

    Tell mouth to say nothing

    And to just smile

    Even if it doesn't want to


After a prolonged moment, another grunt


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